I have already applied this approach both in companies where everything was very good with traffic, but there was no understanding of customers, and in startups, including my own product, where systematizing interviews helped to triple revenue in a year.

You’re a business

Your Pain: The team doesn't talk because it's hard and uncomfortable to talk. It's easier to run AB tests. And there is traffic for that.

The team doesn't speak English because they've never spoken English, but everyone has B2 and above

How do I know that my product or startup idea is valid?

The tasks we help to solve

Finding the paying segment and validating the product hypothesis.

Teams often say the following phrases: "we just need to make a product for our target audience" or "well, the target audience is clear, the product is ready, we'll launch and everything will be fine," although the phrase "target audience" means "we have no idea who the people are who will be happy to buy our product, but we'll pretend we do, maybe it will work" Or not.

Before you even start thinking about a product, you need to find people who are willing to pay to solve their need. People may have a pain, or they may have the potential to buy a better/easier product. And if there is no pain or potential, these people will NOT BUY your product, no matter how great it seems to you.

We use three tools to find a paying segment (and further validate product/segment fit): problem interviews, JTBD interviews, and solution interviews.

Typically, it takes 20 to 60 problem/JTBD interviews to find a paying segment. And another 20-60 solution interviews with different product hypotheses for this segment.

We will help you: 1.

  1. Specify the first study [~8 hours]
  2. Train the team to conduct interviews [~3 hours per team member]. The first interview is conducted by me, the product takes notes, the second interview is conducted by the product, I take notes. After that, the product can be sent on its own.
  3. We will help you adjust the research process [~6-20 hours depending on the complexity of the research].


Outcome is a Notion doc with interview recordings, notes, and hypotheses that have been tested and confirmed or refuted like this one Snoring people research